The hidden waterfalls in Cambodia

The hidden waterfalls in Cambodia

Located in the southern portion of Indochina Peninsula and bordering Thailand and Laos to the northern side, Vietnam to the East and the Gulf of Thailand to the Southwest and sitting on a 69 square mile part of the earth is the Kingdom of Cambodia often known as Cambodia. Cambodia has many corners of tourism sites that you can choose to spend your entire holiday in touring and adventuring, some of the sites being the renowned hidden waterfalls that this article seeks to look into.

Sue waterfall

There’s a natural waterfall that is located in the mountains of Kampong Chhnang Province popularly known as the Sre waterfall. This site offers a place where the water falls down all the way from the mountain valleys falling for hundreds of kilometers. The mountain is covered by a natural shadow of the forest and its location is on the northern side of the Oral Mountain at the Knoll Village of the Krang Skea commune in the famous Kampong province.

The waterfall also offers a good environment and place to swim in though at some point the water levels have been reducing great something that leads to the creation and the development of the Sre Apel waterfall and drains the water so that at no point will there lack available water to swim.

Popokvil waterfall

This is a waterfall located in the popular Bokor National Park which just a few kilometers from the hill station and it offers the mountain most interesting site. Before you get to the falls that form part of the hidden waterfalls in Cambodia the there are several wild animals that you may come across with including the giant red squirrels or some monkeys in the forest.

The falls lie at the verge of the mountain which usually covers most of the mountain-top. They also form two tiers with the top most tier where you are able to catch the beautiful sight of the falls in various streams. Reaching the bottom of the falls is quite hard but the tier offers quite a good scenery as you see the water disappearing into a large rock when hitting the bottom.

Tek Chou Falls

This waterfall is located in Kampot Province in Cambodia which offers some good sites to reckon with including the Chhouu Zoo which lies in its vicinity and it has some notable bamboo platforms with its location being eight kilometers on the north eastern side of Kampot province.

Ka Choung

Hidden Waterfalls in Cambodia include the Ka Choung Waterfall that is located in the Ratanakiri province. Its location is also seven kilometers and located on the northwestern side of the provincial capital known as Banlung.