Requirements for eTA visa to Sri Lanka

Requirements for eTA visa to Sri Lanka

If you plan on traveling to Sri Lanka, then you should be prepared. You must know what you need to avoid inconveniences upon arrival. One of the things that you need is an eTA visa ( ). You will not enter Sri Lanka without it. Here are certain requirements that you need to make the visa application a smooth one here are just some of the requirements for eTA visa to Sri Lanka.


There is no doubt that you will need a passport if you want to travel to Sri Lanka. You must have a valid passport. The passport should have a blank page. Additionally, it should be valid for more than six months before you arrive in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka passports do not have amendment pages since they are not required.


USA, Canadian, Australian, and the European Union and British residents must have a visa. Business travelers and tourists should both apply for the Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA). The application is done online. There is a fee that has to be paid. It is advisable to make the payments before traveling. You can also apply for the ETA upon arrival.

Visa application form

You must have a visa application that is completed. Once you place your order, you should proceed to fill the application form in the visa toolkit. You must fill the form with utmost honesty. You need not leave any information outside. It is important that you get the visa application form filled as soon as possible. The visa processing time takes about 8 days.

Recent photographs

You must have passport size photos. You need two passport size photographs. They should be in color and have the front view. The background should be white. Make sure that your face is clearly visible. You should not wear anything that will hide your face or not reveal your facial features.

Visa fees

You must pay the required visa fees. You can make the payments in cash when applying at the high commission. If sending the visa application through the post, then you should send the money through postal order. You need to make the payment earlier to avoid any delays in the visa processing time.

Required documents

There are several documents that you need to complete the process. You should have a letter of invitation if you are traveling for leisure. On, the other hand, business owners require a business cover letter.