Everything You Need to Know to Navigate the Streets of Sri Lanka

Everything You Need to Know to Navigate the Streets of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is one country that will ultimately give you an enriching and adventurous encounter with extremely beautiful landscape and hospitable local inhabitants. These, among other reasons, make Sri Lanka an ideal destination for you and your beloved ones. A huge number of tourists from all parts of the world have picked an interest in visiting Sri Lanka and are turning up to experience an incredible nature of the country and its people every year.

If you have not yet paid a visit to Sri Lanka, it is perfectly opportune for you. Join millions of adventurous men and women to visit Sri Lanka. If you are about to set off your journey, you need to have some helpful tips that can guide you while in Sri Lanka.

Below is a brief description of all you need to know to navigate the streets of Sri Lanka:

Learn Means of Local Transportation

There are several means of local transportation in Sri Lanka by which you can conveniently navigate its streets. You can as well walk around because most of its towns are small. In larger towns, you can get around using buses, taxi, or a three-wheeler. Major public transportation means in Sri Lanka are buses and trains. Buses cover longer distances, moving between 40 to 70 km per hour. All public transport crowd up during ( Poya ) full moon holidays. You can avoid traveling around this time.

Understand all the Driving Rules

If you are getting around on your personal vehicle, you should have a basic mastery of driving rules to get around comfortably. For instance, you should wear a safety belt.

Other rules include:

  • You must not drink and drive- your alcohol rate in blood should not exceed 60 mg per 100 ml of blood.
  • You must also have an original driving license and an international driving license.
  • Speed limit varies depending on the nature of the road on which you are driving. For instance, in town, the speed should not exceed 56 km per hour. On the open road, it should be less than 72 km per hour while on the highway, it should be less than 12 km per hour.
  • The driving age is 18 years and above.

Go Slow on Streets

The nature of most roads in Sri Lanka demands slow driving, cycling or general movement since they are tightly winding. This is due to its small size. Regardless of the transport means you are using, you will be required to move at an average speed of 12 to 15 miles per hour to comfortably navigate the streets of Sri Lanka.

Understanding the Local Culture

Besides physically navigating the streets of Sri Lanka, you also need to understand basics of the local culture. There is a substantial deviation between the Sri Lankan culture and their neighbors, India. For instance, the pace of life in Sri Lanka is less frantic than that of India. When it comes to dressing, covering up is much desirable especially in worship centers. Shorts and vests are unlikely to attract local attention.

In a conclusion, getting around the streets of Sri Lanka can be a pleasurable experience when you have a basic understanding of fundamental requirements and expectations. The above discussed are all you need to navigate the streets of Sri Lanka in a more natural way. With these tips in mind, you have no problems at all navigating the streets of Sri Lanka.