Just what is an eTA visa for India

Just what is an eTA visa for India?

ETA as popularly known means electronic travel authorization. It is a new product in the tourism industry which is a new requirement in effect and in addition it offers a visa-free travel to foreign national who wishes to fly to countries such as Canada or who is transiting through the Canadian airport.

An eTA can have a validity period of up to 5 years or it can expire after the expiry of your passports therefore after the expiry of your passport you will then be required to renew your eTA or rather you get a new Eta. This article seeks thus to expound just what is an eTA visa for India.

Indian ETA

For the eTA India, it gives you the authority to stay in India for 30 days. For the eTA to be applicable and to be recognized in India, you have to apply for the document at least 4 days before your journey to India commences and at least 30 days before to plan to fly India. You then have to enter India 30 days after the ETA application.

A new ETA has recently been put in place and as ruled out in that ETA you don’t have to necessarily contact any authorized Indian consulate and indication of the purpose for the trip is also not necessary in the new ETA. One can, however, travel to Indians with various reasons being tourism, business or medical reasons. At India, there exists the tourist’s visa on arrival which allows a maximum of almost 2 visits per the calendar year as well as one entry per visit.

After answering the question about just what is an eTA visa for India, it is, therefore, to understand how an ETA India will help you. To apply for the ETA India visa, you must be a member of their listed 43 countries across the globe. With the ETA Indian visa, you can be in a position to enter India only through some limited and listed airports that include; Bangalore airport, Chennai Airport, Cochin airport, Delhi international airport, Goa, Hyderabad Airport, Kolkata, Mumbai International Airport, and Trivandrum airport.

There are however some airports that you are not allowed to visit with the ETA India Visa such as Pradesh, Manipur, Sikkim among so many other airports. To visit these airports however the travel needs to apply for a special visa.

How Does The ETA India Visa Work?

To get the Eta India working for you as an interested party to visit India, the procedure is simple and as for fee and includes first the online. An application is filled up online through the eta India website by upload a passport photo and a passport page. You the pay visa India fee through online means as well using credit or a debit card. After this, you receive ETA online through your email address and finally, you can freely fly to India after printing the Eta and carrying it on the time of arrival to India. This, therefore, explains fully just what an eTA visa for India is.