How to apply for visa eTA to Canada

How to apply for visa eTA to Canada?

When applying for foreign eTA Canada, most travelers expect the processing time to take no more than a few weeks. Unfortunately, this assumption is often incorrect. In many cases, visa eTA applications can drag out for a year or even longer. Even for the fast-track Canadian Super Visa eTA, you need to know what to do in order to get approved and receive your visa eTA in the shortest possible time.

While Citizenship & Immigration Canada (CIC) initially promised a processing period of no longer than eight weeks for parents and grandparents applying for a Super Visa eTA, this is often not the case. Applicants should expect to wait for longer to have an answer unless they take proactive steps to help speed up the process. Here are two ideas that may help to shorten the wait.

Submitting Applications to US Consulates

If you are living in the United States, it might be easier to apply for a Super Visa eTA if you personally visit the Canadian Consulate in New York or another consulate that is closer to your home. According to testimonies and blogs of some people who have successfully applied for the Super Visa, you can actually go to the consulate without a pre-arranged appointment.

One successful applicant applied personally to the New York-Canadian Consulate, was interviewed by an officer and subsequently approved for a Super Visa eTA all in one day. This may sound impossible, but it has happened before and could possibly happen to you too. Just be sure to bring along all of the required documents including proof of Super Visa health insurance with you when you submit your application. This way, if the consulate is open for impromptu interviews, you may be given one.

In this situation, we will assume that the applicant was a young parent or grandparent with a clean bill of health from a recognized physician, hospital, or clinic. All of the other Super Visa eTA requirements are simple documents and certifications that can be easily requested from the appropriate office. The same thing can’t be said about health because Canada, like every other country in the world, would rather grant entry to visitors who are healthy and are not likely to become a burden on the country’s medical care system.

Applying Directly to Consulates in Canada

If you have considered sending your Super Visa application to a Canadian immigration office to improve your odds of getting to the front of the line of applicants, that technique will unfortunately normally not work. The CIC will not accept “in Canada” applications and instead requires parents and grandparents to submit their Super Visa applications to a consulate or visa office in their home country.

There is one exception to this rule, though. If you are already in Canada for a six-month visit (per temporary resident visa or tourist visa), then you can petition an immigration office to take advantage of the two-year stay benefit offered by the Super Visa. In this case, you would need to submit the Super Visa application documents including proof of Super Visa insurance coverage to the Case Processing Centre located at Vegreville, Alberta to request that your stay is extended for two years; provided, of course, that you meet all of the qualifications and requirements.