How do I apply for a Australian visa

How do I apply for a Australian visa?

An Australian spouse visa is for individuals who have married or are planning to get married to an Australian. At first, you are on the two-year temporary visa, If you continue your relationship with your spouse successfully for the two years, then you can get a permanent visa.

There are some problems that you should keep in mind when applying for an Australia spouse visa. You should know them well before you apply for the visa so that your application can be granted without any issues.

Check these fundamental issues that you need to consider before applying for an Australian Spouse visa:

  1. The first important thing to consider is your relationship with your spouse. Your spouse must be an Australian citizen or a permanent resident of Australia or an eligible citizen of New Zeeland.
  2. You can be either married to your Australian partner or in a genuine de facto relationship with them.
  3. If you are already coupled, then your marriage should be legal under the law of Australia. You and your partner both need to be above 18 years of age when you are applying for this visa.
  4. If you are in a de facto relationship, then you must have been living with each other for more than 12 months and continued your relationship successfully.
  5. You need to prove that your relationship is genuine. Many people fake their relationship status to get this Australian spouse visa. This is why the
  6. Australian immigration department is rigorous when it comes to determining a genuine relationship.
  7. Gather and prepare all the documents to prove your relationship genuine. Keep your documents ready, which will show how long you have been in the relationship. Both partners/spouses should provide information on financial status, relationship history, and legal document of your marriage.
  8. If you have dependent children, then they will also be covered under spouse visa.
  9. It is helpful if you consult a registered migration agent before you apply for visa to enter Australia. They can help you with your application and help you determine what documents you need to gather to avoid any problems for granting spouse visa.
  10. Make sure you fill out the application form correctly, read the questions on the form very carefully. Check that all the information that you have provided is correct before you submit the application. It will be wise to take help from a registered migration agent to fill in the form to avoid any mistakes.

Marriage is an important decision of life. Everybody wants to live their entire life with their chosen life partner without any concerns. That is why you must be careful before you apply for an Australian spouse visa as a single mistake may create a lot of complication for the application.