Do I need an ESTA visa to visit the USA

Do I need an ESTA visa to visit the USA?

A trip to the USA can prove a challenge as sometimes obtaining a VISA may create obstacles in visiting this dream country. Getting to the states has become easier with the ESTA visa that allows citizens of VWP or Visa Waver Program countries to visit the USA without getting through the tedious process of acquiring a visa.

ESTA stands for Electronic System for travel Authorization which is a special service provided by the USA to the citizens of those countries that are covered under the VWP. Anyone that plans to visit the states for temporary business, traveling, pleasure, transit or short study programs can obtain an ESTA online for their visit. It’s a simple four-step process that can be done through the internet for a fee of only $14. The ESTA visa to visit the USA can be obtained if you have an online passport that bears a distinct seal. The Visa Waiver Program is a program started by the US government wherein visitors from eligible countries do not require a visa and can travel through the ESTA.

If you’re from a country that is covered under VWP, it is mandatory that you have an ESTA. A list of countries that are eligible can be found online on the official ESTA website. Authorization of ESTA visa doesn’t guarantee your admission to the states. The department of homeland security will check in order to determine whether you’re admissible or not. After you apply, it’ll take approximately 72 hours for a response and if your application is accepted, you’ll receive ESTA number via email.

There are certain restrictions on obtaining the US ESTA. If you’ve been arrested or in any way mentioned in a crime, you’re not eligible to apply for the ESTA visa. Citizens of those countries who are not covered under the VWP have to obtain a VISA and cannot apply for an ESTA visa. The ESTA doesn’t serve those who wish to stay longer than 90 days and which is why students aren’t given the ESTA visa.

Travelers from different countries have wanted to visit the USA and through ESTA it has now become an easy process. It must be noted that the embassy is not responsible for providing ESTA visa to visit the USA and for any queries regarding this; the department of homeland security must be contacted. ESTA visa is less expensive than obtaining an ordinary visa and it has opened the doors for citizens of several countries to fulfill their dream of glaring at the statue of liberty. One can easily gather more information online on how to get the ESTA visa.