Everything You Need to Know to Navigate the Streets of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is one country that will ultimately give you an enriching and adventurous encounter with extremely beautiful landscape and hospitable local inhabitants. These, among other reasons, make Sri Lanka an ideal destination for you and your beloved ones. A huge number of tourists from all parts of the world have picked an interest in …
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Do you need a visa to go to Cambodia?

Cambodia visa applications processing has been simplified since 2011. Now, you can enjoy much easier and quicker access to Cambodian visa. Here is the process available across most of the countries in the world: Download visa application form. Visit the website of online Cambodian visa form. You should enter the details into visa form. However, …
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How to apply for visa eTA to Canada?

When applying for foreign visa eTA, most travelers expect the processing time to take no more than a few weeks. Unfortunately, this assumption is often incorrect. In many cases, visa eTA applications can drag out for a year or even longer. Even for the fast-track Canadian Super Visa eTA, you need to know what to …
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Places to see in India

India is a beautiful country in Asia. It has emerged as a globally famous tourism destination. It draws a big number of international tourists from different parts of the world. The country shows a perfect amalgamation of traditionalism and modernism. The country mesmerizes the world with its unique rich cultural heritage and copious ancient & …
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Just what is an eTA visa for India?

ETA as popularly known means electronic travel authorization. It is a new product in the tourism industry which is a new requirement in effect and in addition it offers a visa-free travel to foreign national who wishes to fly to countries such as Canada or who is transiting through the Canadian airport. An eTA can …
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How do I apply for a Australian visa?

An Australian spouse visa is for individuals who have married or are planning to get married to an Australian. At first, you are on the two-year temporary visa, If you continue your relationship with your spouse successfully for the two years, then you can get a permanent visa. There are some problems that you should …
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